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May President’s Message

President’s Message
by Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer PIHRA President

Taking place largely behind the scenes and out of sight for most of us, a tremendous amount of work by selfless volunteers and staff continues in preparation for PIHRA’s 2014 California HR Conference, scheduled for August 25th through the 27th. From what I have seen already, the 2014 edition promises be our very best conference ever. The early bird deadline ends on May 31, 2014. Do not miss out on the opportunity to take your HR career to another level. As a reminder, the website is to watch the Conference planning progress.

Last month I had the privilege of attending the CAL SHRM Legislative and HR Conference. There were many fine presentations, enabling me to continue to learn things that will assist me in my profession.

Further, as the volunteer leader of PIHRA, one of 17 SHRM chapters that make up CAL SHRM, I also participated in advocacy discussions that were principally focused on AB 2448 and AB 1552. Interestingly, both of these bills have colorful histories of having been introduced, and killed, multiple times over the past 6-8 years.

AB 2448 is titled The Workplace Flexibility Act of 2014. Assemblyman Brian Jones from Santee was the sponsor of the bill and worked closely with supporters from CAL SHRM and other organizations to move it forward. AB 2448 would have provided employees an opportunity to choose a flexible work schedule. I say “would have” because once again the bill did not make it out of the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee. Assemblyman Jones has already begun the process of reintroducing this bill as soon as the law allows.

The other redux is AB 1522, or The Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014. This version was introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego. Like its predecessors, AB 1522 would provide that an employee who works in California for 7 or more days in a calendar year is entitled to paid sick days, to be accrued at a rate of no less than one hour for every 30 hours worked. An employee could use earned sick days on the 90th calendar day of employment. If enacted into law, the bill would require an employer to provide paid sick days, upon the request of the employee, for diagnosis, care, or treatment of health conditions of the employee or an employee’s family member, or for leave related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. This bill is still moving forward and is currently under review in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. CAL SHRM and others oppose this bill primarily on the strength of the twin beliefs that employers have the best knowledge of what benefits they can offer employees, and that government ought not mandate employee benefits.

Track each of these pieces of legislation, as well as others that might impact your organization or our profession, by establishing your own free account at I encourage everyone to use this and other resources to stay abreast of and get involved in the advocacy effort with these and other issues. You can make a difference!

Have a great month!!!

Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer President

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HR Certification Institute CERT eBRIEF

You may have seen the recent announcement regarding the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) board approval for a new HR certification.

We wanted to let you know that this announcement will have no impact on any of the HR Certification Institute’s (HRCI) portfolio of certifications. We will continue to develop and administer the PHR®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHR/SPHR-CA®, HRBP® and HRMP® and our other high-quality certification products to meet the needs of the HR profession.

We are the world’s most widely recognized independent certifying body for the HR profession and offer a comprehensive global product portfolio that counts almost 140,000 HR professionals certified with one or more of our credentials. HRCI is the world’s largest HR certifying body to offer National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited credentials. The exams we develop and administer are competency-based and derived with input from thousands of practicing HR professionals. Our certifications are not connected to this new certification or any organization.

HRCI is not and was not involved with the development of this certification. We are confident that the range of certifications offered by HRCI will continue to be regarded as the highest mark of professional distinction among HR practitioners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at +1-866-898-4724 (U.S. Toll Free) or +1 (703) 535-6000 (international) or with any questions or comments.


HR Certification Institute

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A Message from SHRM President and CEO

SHRM announced a significant change yesterday regarding a new competency-based certification, and I wanted to make sure that we follow-up with you to provide more details. Serving the professional development needs of HR professionals and advancing the profession is and always has been SHRM’s mission.
We know our announcement may affect you both personally and professionally. This new competency-based certification will involve a transition and SHRM will make it as smooth as possible. We know you have many questions, and we are committed to keeping you apprised of progress as we move forward with this new initiative.

Moving to a Competency Based Model
We believe a competency-based certification is the new standard for HR professionals around the globe. Our members have told us this; and we have listened. The SHRM Competency Model is the culmination of over three years of research and was built and validated by more than 30,000 HR professionals around the world. These HR pros identified the skills needed to grow and succeed in HR careers and we validated that individuals who demonstrate these skills positively impact business outcomes. This is what will separate SHRM’s assessments from others on the market. We plan to offer the following components as part of the new model:

  • A new global Body of Competency and Knowledge (BOCK)
  • A comprehensive exam
  • World-class instructional materials, and
  • Certification prep tools you have come to expect from SHRM.

We are in the process of finalizing each of these components so that we can offer a more modern and relevant certification for today’s HR practitioner.

Again, transition is the key to making this new certification work for SHRM members and the HR profession. Our critical stakeholders include existing certified professionals and those HR practitioners who want to become certified.

Existing Certified Professionals
Current certified professionals will have a seamless path to transition their existing credential to the new global competency-based standard at no additional cost to you.

We plan to roll out an online education module for existing certified professionals for you to learn about the new competency based certification. You will be able to view it, answer some embedded questions and then be able to transfer your PHR®, SPHR® and GPHR® to the new SHRM credential.* You will need to document your existing generalist HR certification and sign a code of ethics.

Volunteer leaders will have the opportunity to convert their designation to the new SHRM certification during the SHRM Volunteer Leaders’ Summit in November, and all others will be invited to participate in the conversion process from January 1 – December 31, 2015. More details regarding the transition will be unveiled at the SHRM Annual Conference from June 22-25, 2014. There will also be periodic updates from SHRM in the weeks prior to the Conference.

Future Certified Professionals
SHRM will continue to provide certification preparation material and support for the PHR® and SPHR® through the December 2014 – January 2015 exam window.

In July 2014, we will begin providing the new competency-based information and marketing materials.

On December 1, 2014, we will provide the new certification preparation materials (SHRM Learning System) and instructor training for you to use during the Winter/Spring 2015 training period in preparation for SHRM’s first Competency-Based Exam test window (May-July, 2015).

Moving Forward
The HR profession and the business community are looking for and recognize the need for a competency based assessment. This will require an investment by SHRM but, we feel that as the leader of the profession, SHRM needed to respond.

We believe this new certification is the future of the HR profession and we want to make sure you hear from us as we continue to move forward.

We understand that change involves many moving parts. These components will continue to be developed and communicated to you as SHRM volunteer leaders and to our membership as a whole.

For additional information and our FAQ, please click here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we take the HR profession forward.

Best regards,

Henry G. (Hank) Jackson, CPA
President & CEO
Society for Human Resource Management

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April President’s Message

President’s Message
by Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer PIHRA President 

We continue to make great progress in ensuring the 2014 California HR Conference, scheduled for August 25th through the 27th, will be our best conference ever. Our latest success is landing former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich as our Tuesday Keynote Speaker.  A key player in President Bill Clinton’s cabinet and someone we regularly see on the major news programs, Secretary Reich is currently Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley.  You can learn more about Secretary Reich at

Speaking of websites, go to to watch the Conference planning come together and to register if you haven’t already done so.

Switching gears, over the years I have been an avid reader of the late Stephen R. Covey. Many of you have read his “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”  It is one of my favorite books, not just for its business lessons, but also because of its application to our personal lives.  Before the Blackberry and the iPhone, like many of you I used a Franklin Covey Day Planner.  Remember, we learned to prioritize our “To Do List” using the ABC method, focusing on getting our A’s done first, then our B’s and so on.

How is this relevant?  Because as HR professionals we sometimes forget the importance of including our personal priorities along with our business priorities. We often focus on ensuring everyone else’s needs are taken care of and we forget about ourselves. In “The 8th Habit, From Effectiveness to Greatness,” Covey wrote:

Listen to the voices:

“I am stuck in a rut”
“I have no life. I’m burned out….exhausted.”
“No one really values or appreciates me.”
“My boss doesn’t have a clue of all I’m capable of.”
“I’m frustrated and discouraged.”

These are the voices of the people at work and at home, voices of literally millions of parents, laborers, service providers, managers, professionals and executives all over the world who are fighting to make it in the new reality. The pain is personal, and it’s deep.

What voices are talking to each of us? As we go about prioritizing things, I recommend we all do a personal inventory of where we are in our lives and then make sure that some of those A’s have to do with making our own lives all that they can be.

Thanks to each of you for your contributions to our great profession. Let’s all make a difference…and have a great month!

Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer President

Wayne Munyer PHR

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The PIHRA Foundation: Share the excitement with PIHRA Woodland Hills for HRCI Scholarships

The PIHRA Foundation: Share the excitement with PIHRA Woodland Hills for HRCI Scholarships
by Janet Asher Vreeland, CEBS

The PIHRA Foundation annually grants scholarships to support HR professionals with funds raised through the Silent Auction, Raffle and PIHRA District Support. HRCI Scholarship Recipient Carol Box (shown below) was honored with the PIHRA Woodland Hills (District 9) /Anita Gorino HRCI Certification Scholarship at the April 3, 2014 Woodland Hills District meeting.


Anita Gorino (left) presents the Anita Gorino HRCI SPHR Scholarship to Carol Box (right).

Barbara Allen, SPHR, PIHRA Foundation Board Member was present at the meeting to  share the history of this scholarship being named after Anita Gorino as well as the PIHRA Foundation’s mission.  As Barbara explains, “This scholarship was named after Anita Gorino because $875 was raised/donated by District (9) Woodland Hills for the Anita Gorino Foundation Roast in 2010 in recognition of Anita’s commitment to and support of the Foundation’s Scholarships for HRCI Certification recipients.”

A special thanks to PIHRA Woodland Hills for being a long-time A #1 supporter of the Foundation.   In addition to the Anita Gorino HRCI Scholarship, Woodland Hills holds Monthly Opportunity Drawing to raise funds for the Foundation.  PIHRA Woodland Hills raised $117 at their April 3rd meeting.

Hurry!!  The deadline is April 30, 2014 for the current Scholarship season.  This scholarship is awarded for testing dates May 1st – June 30th, 2014.  The PIHRA Foundation HRCI Certification Award provides reimbursement grants of up to $500 to selected HR professionals who meet the eligibility requirements for an approved course of instruction leading to their successful certification as a PHR, SPHR, GPHR, PHR-CA or SPHR-CA. To learn more and to download the application form please click here.

Additional information about the PIHRA Foundation and the communities we serve is   available through the following resources:




PIHRA Foundation supports workforce readiness in Southern California including support for education through programs such as “You and Your First Job” and human resources scholarships. The PIHRA Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation serving Southern California communities.  The PIHRA Foundation was established in partnership with the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA).

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Team PIHRA Continues EIF/Revlon Run/Walk Tradition

Team PIHRA Continues EIF/Revlon Run/Walk Tradition
By Lynn Gleim, Team PIHRA Captain

Join Team PIHRA for the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women Los Angeles on Saturday, May 10, 2014 for a walk around and through the neighborhoods of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

JOIN/DONATE on the PIHRA Team webpage.

This is a special event for PIHRA members. It brings HR professionals, their friends, and their families together for a few hours each year to give something back to the community and support an important cause – the fight against women’s cancer. Few among us have escaped the experience of a loved one, a friend, or a colleague battling this disease. Joining and supporting Team PIHRA is an opportunity to help find a cure, a more effective treatment, and a little more hope.

Team PIHRA started back in 2002 with a hearty group of PIHRA board members led by Cheryl Wyrick. The group wanted to get to know each other a little bit better. They wanted to meet PIHRA members they did not know in an environment outside of a typical District meeting. They chose the EIF Revlon Run/Walk because it had the potential to have a positive impact on lives of so many PIHRA members and their families. The downtown location was centrally located for most PIHRA members. Over the last 12 years, through contributions small and large Team PIHRA has raised over $128,600.00 to help fund the cure through research.

This year Team PIHRA has set a goal to have more than 50 members participate in the walk and raise more than $5,000. Wallace Engineering Company will sponsor our T-shirts.

Now we need you to be one of those 50 PIHRA members to sign up for the walk and start collecting supporters to contribute to our $5,000 goal. First, save the morning of Saturday, May 10 on your calendar.

After that, call some of your PIHRA colleagues, your family, friends and neighbors to walk with you or support you through donations. No donation is too small. We encourage every walker to set a personal goal of at least $100 in support donations.

Here is how it all works. You start your day by arriving at the Coliseum around 7:00am. Yes it is early, but it is usually a beautiful morning. You park your car and walk into the Coliseum. You look for the PIHRA sign – usually half way up on the west end. You bring some brownies, some cookies, or trail mix to share. You get your team shirt. You get to know a few people, and get ready for a leisurely walk through the streets of LA with some 60,000 plus of your Southern California neighbors. You have a great time seeing the sights and sounds of the Coliseum and the USC campus. You end up passing by the fabulous Samoan drummers as you near the end of your walk. You walk through the football tunnel to gather your Olympic style medal on the floor of the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. You spend a little more time with your PIHRA pals before heading off to enjoy the rest of your day.

Honestly, what more could you ask for in the way of a great Saturday?

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

JOIN/DONATE on the PIHRA Team webpage.

revlon-runwalk-logo-LA2014eCropped Team PIHRA Revlon Run Walk 2013

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February President’s Message

February President’s Message
by Wayne L. by Munyer, PHR, 2013-14 Volunteer President

We had one of the most successful Legal Updates in a long time. Our 3 locations were bursting at the seams: 320 in Garden Grove, 204 in Ontario, and 414 in Burbank. A big thank you goes out to our presenters, our PIHRA Staff and its volunteers and you for attending this great event. We hope you had a lot of information to use immediately in your workplaces. I know I did.

February is known for Valentine’s Day and we share with the people we care about the most. The word you here most mentioned this time of year is “Love”. I would like to look at in relationship to our careers. A lot of us have been in the Human Resource profession for a long time. In my 25 plus years I have had my ups and downs, but one thing I have always had is a love for this great profession. If you do not have it right now, find something that will re-energize you and bring that passion or love back to your career. We can make a huge difference in our organizations. If we just put all of our passion into action. How great do you feel when have done something in your organization to make a difference? As I mentioned before when I may transition to a new job, I was hoping that the efforts I made at my company made a difference. Sometimes you do not know if you made a difference until you leave. There is a quote I found that really motivated me to make changes in my career. It was from Denis Waitley, an author and motivational speaker: “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Which one will you choose? Let’s make a difference!!

Have a great month!!!

Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer President

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PIHRA Foundation & California Placement Association (CPA) enrich So Cal Workforce Readiness Initiatives

PIHRA Foundation & California Placement Association (CPA) enrich So Cal Workforce Readiness Initiatives
by Janet Asher Vreeland, CEBS
PIHRA Foundation Board of Directors

The PIHRA Foundation Mission is to serve as Human Resource professionals advancing workforce readiness through community service in the greater Los Angeles area.  In living our mission, the PIHRA Foundation will from time to time collaborate with like-minded organizations in a variety of ways.  One such organization is the California Placement Association (CPA).

John Silver (pictured) connects the PIHRA Foundation and the CPA as a volunteer leader on both organizations’ Board of Directors.  John is the 2014 PIHRA Foundation Vice President and is the 2013 – 2014 CPA Executive Board Central Vice President.

What is the CPA all about?

The mission of the California Placement Association (CPA) is to be a supportive leader in the enrichment and education to placement professionals. CPA assists with the advancement of comprehensive, high quality placement programs throughout California.

CPA promotes collaboration and develops relationships to meet the dynamic recruiting and placement needs of public and private sector businesses and educational institutions, while serving as a liaison with government agencies.
CPA Vision

Strengthen the linkage between business, education and government.
Enhance the quality and excellence of placement services.
Identify and respond to changing needs, trends, and hiring practices in relationship to the changing demographics of the work force.
Generate new ways of expanding the development of employment opportunities and fulfilling employer/student/ client needs.
Provide professional training to aid business, education and government in assisting students/clients to successfully make a transition to the world of work

California Placement Association, a non-profit organization established in 1969.

Thanks to John, PIHRA Foundation Board member Brenda Trujillo will represent the Foundation as a speaker on an employer panel at the CPA Conference for Professional Development March 7th.
CPA Conference Presentation:
Moderator, Employer Panel

“Overcoming Barriers in the Job Search & Hiring Process”

Jackie Kennedy Harris will moderate one of the most popular events at the CPA conference: The Employer Panel. As a recruiter for Enterprise, Jackie covers a large section of California, visiting community colleges and four- year universities in hopes of hiring the very best candidates for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The Employer Panel, made up of a variety of employers and recruiters, will give attendees insights into the policies, procedures and attitudes of employers. Be sure and ask the questions you really want answered about the hiring process. What do the employers look for in an employee? How can we best help someone with a barrier get hired? How can someone with no work experience get an interview? Is there any way to bypass the personality profile tests? Get your questions answered by the experts!

For more information about the conference including registration visit:

Additional information about the PIHRA Foundation and the communities we serve is available through the following resources:




PIHRA Foundation supports workforce readiness in Southern California including support for education through programs such as “You and Your First Job” and human resources scholarships. The PIHRA Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation serving Southern California communities.  The PIHRA Foundation was established in partnership with the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA).

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January President’s Message

January President’s Message
by Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer PIHRA President

Happy New Year PIHRA friends! The three Legal Updates are just around the corner. They are January 9, 2014 in Garden Grove, January 14, 2014 in Ontario and January 16, 2014 in Burbank. Check the website for further information.

The 2013 year was a very good one for PIHRA membership. We ended the year at 3,925 members compared to 3,497 at the end of 2012. This is over a 12% increase from year-to-year. A big thank you goes out to our membership committee headed by Andrea Moroso our Vice President of Membership, who took over in August for Ryan Gowin, who moved to the Pacific Northwest. His efforts did not go unnoticed. Also I would be remised if I did not mention the great assistance that the PIHRA staff, who always give great support to our volunteer team. Keep up the great work. Look out 4,000!

As I mentioned last PIHRA is celebrating 70 years of being the premier HR Association in Southern California. I have had the great opportunity to be a part of this association since 1989 and wow what growth we have had over those years. I remember when we changed our name from “PIRA to PIHRA” in the early 90’s. In the 20 plus years I have been a part of PIHRA, I have learned what it means to be a HR Professional and how I can make a difference in my organization. I have attended the Annual Conference every year since I have been a member and ALWAYS brought back to my organization many great tools to help further the cause in my career. Please use the many tools that PIHRA has to make a difference in your organization.

Whatever we can do as an organization can do for you, please let us know.

Have a great month!!!

Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer President

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Meet 2014 PIHRA Board of Directors

President Wayne Munyer PHR
President Elect Marilyn Monahan Esq.
Past President Richard Propster SPHR-CA
VP – Education Dennis Buster SPHR-CA
VP – Finance Ray Cooke PHR
VP – Membership Andrea Moroso
Secretary Lynn Hounsley
VP – Leadership Dorothy Cociu
VP – Emerging Affairs Stacey Brooks-Clark PHR
VP – Legislative Affairs
Los Angeles Chair Tamara Devitt Esq.
Pasadena Chair Paola Alvarez SPHR-CA
Burbank/Glendale Chair Kara Scamardo PHR
West Los Angeles Chair Mark Dang
South Bay Chair Cari Kojima SPHR
Long Beach Chair Janet Vreeland
North Orange County Chair Brenda Roth SPHR
Woodland Hills Chair Rudi Weinberg
Ventura County Chair Jeanne Mays
Riverside Chair Darlene Cohen SPHR
Santa Clarita Chair Beverly Malin SPHR
South Orange County Chair John White
Inland Valley Chair Sharonda White SPHR-CA
Southwest Riverside Chair Morgana Burrows PHR
Coachella Valley
Antelope Valley Chair Patti Sprinkle

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