Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | October 23, 2009

The Legend of Club PIHRA

Once upon a time, not so very long ago and not so very far away, there was a group of professionals that realized the need to bring more enjoyment into their professional lives and into their business organizations.  The planets must have been aligned that day.  For at that very same moment, there was another group of companies that represented an endless variety of recreation opportunities including amusement parks, special event providers, theaters, sports events, party planners, museums and unique locations. They had the desire to provide these wonderful opportunities to the immense number of companies that could benefit from all of these exciting offerings.  Fate brought these two groups together.  They met during regular networking events and realized an amazing degree of success.  They realized that it was indeed possible to mix business and fun.

One day, this enthusiastic and hard working group of professionals entertained the idea of taking this highly successful concept and introducing it to PIHRA.  Well, after some thought and careful planning, it happened in the Fall of 2008.  “Club PIHRA” was born, and became a “Special Interest Group” within the PIHRA organization.  Aimed primarily at the small and medium size employers,  Club PIHRA has experienced steady growth and interest with events held at exciting venues including; Medieval Times, The  Automobile Driving Museum, Disneyland Resort, Santa Anita Racetrack, the LA County Fair and an LA Kings game at the Staples Center. 

Now you may ask, “How can I become part of Club PIHRA, thereby bringing all of these discounts and opportunities into my company?  Well, here’s how!  All PIHRA members are automatically a member of Club PIHRA – it is another benefit of being a PIHRA member.  Club PIHRA generally meets on the third Thursday of every other month at a different spectacular  location throughout Southern California. You can learn about Club PIHRA events through your traditional District communications (i.e. newsletter, website, etc.) or by simply visiting the PIHRA website and visit the Club PIHRA tab. There is always great food, amazing door prizes, terrific networking, and often a subject matter expert speaking on a variety of pertinent HR topics . 

Besides exciting networking activities Club PIHRA also allows companies to take advantage of established discount ticket programs, as well as special events such as amusement park buyouts, parties, picnics, and holiday events. This saves your employees money by avoiding the typical service charges that are associated with vendors who provide the same kind of service.

The Club PIHRA mission statement follows:
Club PIHRA brings together companies and vendors creating opportunities for discount programs and special events for their employees.  We have organized ourselves for the purpose of sharing promotions and knowledge relating to employee activities (sports leagues, community volunteering), travel services, discounts, special event planning employee recognition and wellness issues.  There is opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to “piggy-back” with larger companies on promotions that normally would not be available to them and without a service charge. This allows the smaller employers to enjoy the same discounts and programs that the large companies receive.

Club PIHRA is primarily a resource network of HR practitioners and service providers who exchange information and opportunities related to employee service and recreation.   It acts as an organized body for implementing educational opportunities, various activities, special events and special discount offers.  Club PIHRA helps member companies provide programs that will enhance their employees’ work and home environment.  In today’s world, we all recognize that good employee morale notably contributes to company success.  We all win with Club PIHRA!

Don’t be left out of the fun! 
Join us for our next exciting Club PIHRA event. 
For more information, visit  Club PIHRA online!



  1. I have been promoting Club PIHRA in District 14 since the beginning, always lamenting scheduling conflicts preventing my attendance. At last, I was finally able to attend the most recent event – the LA Kings event.

    I had such a wonderful time and made some fantastic contacts. With tough times in today’s economy, every penny spent certainly counts. I am happy to share the ROI on this investment into my future and developing my professional network continues to pay dividends – and only just a couple of weeks later.

    Club PIHRA is a great benefit that I strongly encourage my PIHRA colleagues to take advantage of.

  2. Sound great.
    I am planning on taking a trip this december, but im not sure where yet.
    Anny suggestions?

    Vacation All Inclusive Resorts

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