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What You Need to Know About Employment Screening

With the national unemployment rate exceeding 10%, for the first time in decades, the candidate pool for available jobs is overflowing. Now more than ever, HR, recruiting and staffing professionals must be extra diligent analyzing resumes and screening potential candidates. Why? The percentage of resumes that contain false information is on the rise. For example, a recent survey of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) members found that “45% of all resumes contain one major fabrication”. This puts organizations, their employees, customers and shareholders at risk of on-boarding unqualified or unsafe candidates. In addition, new legislation, coupled with an increase in employment litigation is making it harder for organizations to steer clear of stiff fines and negligent hiring lawsuits.

Following simple best-practices in employment screening, organizations can cut costs, increase efficiency and improve compliance – all while reducing risk to their organization.

1.  Make Employment Screening Your Policy and Make it Known:
Pre- or post-hire employment screening is a simple and cost-effective way for organizations to mitigate risk against unqualified or unsafe individuals from joining their workforce. Once you’ve take this initial step, advertise your screening policy to candidates as early as possible in the recruiting cycle. It’s surprising how this simple practice will cost-effectively weed out applicants with tarnished backgrounds, and prevent your company from developing a reputation for being an employer of least resistance.

2.  Brush Up on Employment Legislation to Ensure Legal Compliance:

No matter the industry, it’s important to understand your legal obligations and limitations. For example, a recent screening trend is the use of credit checks. However, some states, like Washington and Hawaii, have recently enacted legislation that prohibits the use of credit checks as part of pre-employment background screening. To reduce risk, organizations must stay abreast of these types of legislative changes. And, when performing such research, it’s always important to keep in mind the impact the legislation will have on both new hires and existing employees.

3.  Automate and Integrate to Gain a Competitive Advantage:
Leading organizations are turning to automation and integrated solutions to more efficiently and effectively manage their recruit-to-hire processes. Organizations are finding success by turning to “best-in-class” solution providers to help streamline their business processes, eliminate paper and more efficiently recruit, identify, screen and on-board top candidates. Using pre-integrated HR technology solutions such as applicant tracking systems, background/drug screening services and on-boarding modules, companies are recognizing significant benefits and gaining competitive advantages such as:
•    Lowered cost and increased efficiency from the elimination of paper and reduction
in duplicate data entry
•    Increased productivity and engagement by lowering their average time-to-hire
•    Lowered organizational risk and improved compliance by having an approved,
secure, and enforceable recruiting process, with a complete audit trail on all job
applicants and on-boarded employees

Be sure to keep these best-practices in mind as you develop or modify your hiring and/or employment screening policy.  Employment screening can be complicated.  If you’re unsure or unclear about whether your policy is in compliance, consult with a background screening solution provider.

About Intelius Screening Solutions
Intelius Screening Solutions is an industry leading consumer reporting agency focused on providing businesses, landlords, and households with the information they need to make sound and legally compliant decisions.  Through its TalentWise employment screening and onboarding solution, the company has earned recognition as the #1 ranked employment screening provider to over 3,000 businesses throughout North America.  TalentWise helps make HR, staffing and recruiting professionals’ lives easier by driving greater quality from their recruitment-to-hire process through affordable, comprehensive and flexible technology that increases productivity and improves compliance.

In 2009, Intelius Screening Solutions was rated the #1 employment screening solutions provider by HRO Today magazine, the same organization that rated Intelius Screening Solutions #1 in Customer Satisfaction in both 2008 and 2009.  Intelius Screening Solutions has also been named to Workforce Management Magazine’s “Hot List of Employment-Related Screening Providers” for the fourth consecutive year (2007 – 2010).

For more information about Intelius Screening Solutions and its TalentWise solution, call Kari Silver at (760) 709-7196; email or visit

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