Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | March 23, 2010

PIHRA Foundation Scholarships Awarded

Following an arduous screening process, longtime District 6 member Jeanette Scott was again selected as a recipient of a PIHRA Foundation student scholarship. Jeanette has a long history with PIHRA District 6 and an even longer history with Merle Norman Cosmetics.  While working full time for over a quarter of a century at Merle Norman, she has also worked steadily at enhancing her skills and knowledge.  She will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resources from Webster College in May of this year — Congratulations Jeanette! During the presentation ceremony, PIHRA Foundation Scholarship Committee Chair Mery Propster, SPHR said, “The competition for scholarships gets more intense year by year and the decisions of the committee were very difficult.  We are pleased to present Jeanette with a letter of congratulations, a certificate and a check in the amount of $2,500 to assist with the completion of your degree.” Jeanette thanked the Foundation for the scholarship and said “I am very happy to be associated with an organization that offers such a wonderful scholarship opportunity and am grateful to have received these awards.”

Joanna Bero, Chair of District 17, has worked in the field of Human Resources while also working to attain a master’s degree and volunteering time and effort to further PIHRA. The Foundation was very impressed with her background and application for a scholarship and though there was a very impressive array of candidates she was chosen to receive one of three scholarships for 2010. Joanna was presented a letter of congratulations, a certificate attesting to her achievement and a check in the amount of $2,500.00 by PIHRA Foundation Scholarship Chair, Mery Propster, SPHR. Joanna was very thankful for the scholarship for as she said, “…a master’s degree is not cheap.”  Indeed it is not, congratulations Joanna!

Bill Groenekamp, PIHRA Foundation President and Barbara Allen, PIHRA Foundation Vice President awarded a scholarship to Santiago Restrepo, a Student Member of District 15. Santiago is interested in working his way up to a leadership position in Human Resources.  Since June 20, 2009, he has been working at Cal Poly as an Intern in their Human Resources Services Department.  At the same time, he is working on obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration: Management and Human Resources.  Santiago is also working for the California Polytechnic State University Police Department from 10:00 PM to 3:00 a.m. where he has set up training programs and put together a new Employee Manual. Santiago said “Thank you so much! I really needed this opportunity and the money to pay for my housing here at school and my bills from school over summer. It came at a perfect time!”

The California Student Games, sponsored by the California State Council of SHRM, were held on February 27, 2010, at California State University, Bakersfield. Twelve collegiate teams of three persons each competed in a Jeopardy style format answering tough questions similar to those found in the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) examination. After a full day of fast-paced competition one team from Stanislaus State University came in first, closely followed by a team from Fresno State University. These two winning teams shared in a $1500 scholarship grant from the PIHRA Foundation. Board member and Senior Judge Roger Sommer, SPHR, represented the Foundation at this annual event.

PIHRA District 7 donated $300 to help supplement travel expenses for four University of California Long Beach Students who participated in the HR Games.

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