Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | July 2, 2010

PIHRA Foundation Roasts Anita Gorino

The PIHRA Foundation Roasted Anita Gorino on June 5 at the Westlake Village Inn and raised funds to benefit yearend 2010 Human Resource Scholarship and HRCI Certification recipients.  PIHRA District 9 graciously donated $250 to help fund the “Anita Gorino 2010 HR Certification Scholarship” and asked for matching funds to allow the Foundation to award a full $500 HRCI Certification Scholarship in 2010 to a qualifying PIHRA member.  Brian Ford, CSI International, donated a gold and diamond watch to honor Anita at her special event.

A packed room of friends of Anita and the Foundation attended and enjoyed good food and the merriment of the evening while bidding to win one of over 40 outstanding donated items.

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges and thanks all those who so generously donated items and their time to make the event a successful one.


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