Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | August 24, 2010

A Timeless Concept

Message sponsored by Beyond This Day, PIHRA’s service provider partner
by Ed Pankus, National Sales Manager

There are extraordinary challenges facing every facet of business today.  One of the most challenging issues for human resource executives is attracting and retaining employees to create a stable and efficient workforce.

Part of that challenge facing HR managers is to find ways to communicate a message of support, caring and appreciation while maintaining a fair standard of expectations to their employees.

Often times, managers provide incentives and recognition for good attendance, a job well done, reaching stated goals, surpassing production levels and acknowledging years of service.  Human resource executives typically alert management of these milestones and arrange for a time and place for the employee to be honored and recognized.

These formal and informal times of recognition help to boost morale and communicate a sense of self-worth and achievement.  As most of us spend a full third of our daily lives working side by side with friends and family, these recognition awards are welcomed and appreciated. Over the years, co-workers often become life long friends as they support one another in good times as well as in times of need.

It is in those times of need that how a company sends a message of support to the family of an employee is as important, if not more important, than other types of recognition, especially if the employee has lost a loved one.

What is the message your company wants to convey during that difficult time?

How important is it for your company to show its personal concern to an employee who has experienced a loss?  Is it important to reach out to the employee’s family? Does your company see a benefit of other employees being made aware of your company’s care and concern? Are the high cost and short-term nature of traditional gestures of sympathy a consideration?

In most cases, the answer to the questions above is, of course!

Flowers sent on behalf of the company to the funeral home are always appreciated.  But can your employee remember what they looked liked?  Compared to the cost, how long were the flowers noticed and how long did they last?

Now, imagine providing a sympathetic gesture on behalf of the company that is permanent and costs less than a representative spray of flowers.  Imagine a gesture that not only provides comfort and consolation to the employee, but also each member of the employee’s family.  Imagine providing a gesture that is so unique that it is recognized by other employees.  And finally, imagine a bereavement gesture that is a permanent keepsake, personalized from the company, and is kept and cherished as a family heirloom for generations.

Beyond This Day is the program that sends a sincere, personalized message of personal care and concern on behalf of the company that is permanent, dignified and appropriate for the entire family.

Our elegant keepsake memorial chest and inspirational memorial book offer a unique program that is tailored to the specific need of each company to help communicate a sincere message of personal concern.  Beyond This Day is specifically written for the grieving family. Our memorial book is non-religious, yet inspirational and provides a level of comfort that goes well beyond the traditional, short term gestures of flowers, cards and food trays.

By presenting Beyond This Day, the lasting impression and permanent reminder of the care the company showed to the family memorializing the life of the employee’s loved one, is remembered forever.

Isn’t that a message your company can afford to send to its employees?

Our Beyond This Day bereavement program helps companies and organizations provide comfort and consolation to families and individuals who experience the loss of a loved one – for less.

Please visit us at booth #219 to review the concept of our successful memorial program and request a sample to be sent to your office for a no obligation review.


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