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Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Resources

Did you know the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense agency, equally provides employers and their National Guard and Reserve employees services assisting each with the Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)?

It’s True!  And at no cost to you! ESGR seeks to promote a culture in which all American employers support and value the military service of their employees. We recognize outstanding support, increase awareness of the law, and resolve conflicts through mediation. Here are ten reasons you want to hire and keep your National Guard and Reserve employees:

The Top Ten Reasons to hire members of the National Guard and Reserve:

10.   Global Perspective. Your military employees are “tuned-in” to what’s going on in the world.

9.   On-Time. All the Time. Military employees know that every second counts.

8.   First Class Image. A professional appearance is a must in the military.

7.   Calm Under Pressure. A military employee knows how to handle stress, both off and on the job.

6.   “Can Do” Attitude. Military employees always project a positive attitude.

5.   Physical Conditioning. Military employees are in top physical condition and are drug free.

4.   Mission-Critical Skills. Fulfilling tasks is mandatory, your employees know how to face projects head-on.

3.   Responsibility. Military personnel know how to make decision and take responsibility to meet a deadline.

2.   Professionalism. Military employees have an air of self-respect and sense of honor.

1.   Leadership. Military employees are already leaders and managers. Loyal, dedicated and highly motivated.

Supporting The Guard and Reserve is critical because:

  • the Guard and Reserve comprise almost half of our nation’s total military force
  • today’s Citizen Warriors face unique challenges in balancing their military and civilian careers

What is ESGR?

  • ESGR is the DoD resource for employers and service members regarding USERRA
  • USERRA protects the job rights of employees who perform military service

Here Are Some Tips for Employers:

As an employer, you are vital in enabling your employees who are members of the National Guard and Reserve, and your active support and encouragement is critical to their success. Here are some suggestions on how you can help:

  • Put your support in writing by signing a Statement of Support (SOS) for the National Guard and Reserve. Display it prominently for all your employees and visitors to see. Visit booth #706 at the PIHRA conference in Pasadena to receive your SOS and free gift(s).
  • Learn more about the role of the National Guard and Reserve by attending open houses and public functions at local military units. Talk about the National Guard and Reserve with military and civilian leaders in your community. Ask you employees what they do and how they fit into the “big picture” of national defense.
  • Examine your personnel policies to see how they accommodate and support participation in the National Guard or Reserve. Do they include provisions for military leave of absence?  Do they ensure job opportunities and benefits equivalent to those of other employees?  Your local ESGR State office is available to answer questions or offer suggestions.
  • Seek assistance from ESGR. Call 1-800-336-4590 to speak with an ombudsman. Ombudsman serves as confidential, neutral liaisons for employers and employees who seek assistance or clarification regarding their rights and responsibilities.
  • Don’t hesitate to call your employee’s military commander or supervisor if you have a question or concern. They face some of the same challenges and know that it is in everyone’s best interest to work together. Quite often they can offer alternatives to meet individual needs. By taking a more active role in supporting the members of the National Guard and reserve that work for you, you’ll improve the quality of life for all your employees, you’ll directly enhance the success of your organization, and you’ll provide an invaluable service to the nation. Contact your local ESGR Office to find out how we can help.
  • For more detailed information about specific employment rights and responsibilities visit Our website is a great resource for USERRA information.
  • Become an ESGR volunteer! Many ESGR volunteers are employers just like you. Volunteering with ESGR is a great way to show your support for your National Guard and Reserve employees while benefiting other employers.

The California ESGR offices are located in San Diego, Los Alamitos, Sacramento, and Port Hueneme. For contact information to your local California ESGR office, visit us at:


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