Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | September 30, 2010

Strengthen Your Employment Brand Through Candidate Response

By Theresa Maher
Director of Job Seeker Relations with Jobing

As Human Resource professionals, I’m sure you have all seen the increase in candidate applications to your organizations (whether you have jobs posted or not). For those of us in the industry, this is no surprise. You’ve heard it before: the economy is cyclical. Unemployment goes up, then it goes down; then back up again, etc. In times like this we have more job seeker applications than we know what to with, while a few years ago we were fighting the war for talent to beat out our competitors for candidates.

A successful employment branding campaign is composed of many different elements. Employers need to focus on well-written content, photos, videos, blogs, social media, and the list goes on and on.  But, sometimes it is what’s not being done that can hurt an employer’s brand the most.  This is why responding to interested candidates, every interested candidate, is so important.  Many employers would argue that this requires too much of a time commitment. Do you really have time to respond to every single person who applies? However, there are tools to help with this. For example, many employment websites offer products that allow companies to send an automatic response to candidates after they apply to a position. It’s important to remember that employment branding is not only defined by the information sent out to candidates, but also the interactions, or lack thereof, with them.  One of the biggest complaints candidates voice is the lack of communication with the employers they talk to; even if the communication is to say they are not right for the position. Candidates don’t like feeling like the employment world is a black hole they send their resume into.  One could argue that employers should only be concerned with the candidates they are interested in hiring; but take a moment to think about the other candidates. While they may not be the right fit for your organization, do they know of someone who would? Or could they be a consumer of your product or service? The experience candidates have with potential employers can influence decisions they make outside of the employment field. Maintaining a positive, consistent brand through recruitment marketing campaigns is one way smart companies are preserving and growing their businesses.

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