Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | January 4, 2011

Why Your Marketing Team Cares About Recruiting

Theresa Maher, Director of Job Seeker Relations, Jobing

Your marketing team has been hard at work creating a brand that best tells the story of why your product or service is a great choice for your clients. They have created messaging, visuals, and a variety of other resources to effectively market your organization and build your business. With all of this great material available, I can’t figure out why I continue to find so many companies whose employment brand is completely inconsistent with their corporate marketing.  Not only does this inconsistency muddy the message your potential candidates are receiving, it can also negatively affect your credibility as an employer. Job seekers can become confused as to which message is most accurate.

When asked, many human resource professionals say they rarely collaborate with their marketing team and typically create their employment marketing message on their own; or worse they cut and paste small sections of what their marketing team has created. This means candidates aren’t getting the real information they are looking for. The material created by your marketing team is useful information. It says a lot about your company and should be utilized in your employment brand, but it should not be used alone. The corporate marketing message is aimed a specific audience. You want to take that same messaging and expand on it to target the job seeker audience. Your organization may be a great service provider, but why are you a great employer? Working with your marketing team to create your employment branding will not only deepen your employment message, it will offer you a better understanding of your corporate image while giving your marketing team the opportunity to learn more about your recruitment process and initiatives. Many companies who are utilizing this alliance to its fullest potential and even share budgets to ensure the needs of both departments are being met. After all, what client is more important than the one who may soon represent your organization as an employee?

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