Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | January 25, 2011

Back to Basics: Maintaining a Strong Brand Through Job Postings

By Theresa Maher, Director of Job Seeker Relations

As a human resource professional, you are in a unique position that touches just about every department in your organization, especially when recruiting new talent. In this newsletter I often review the latest solutions you can utilize to reach today’s tech savvy candidates. While these tools are a great and valuable addition to any recruitment strategy, it’s important that we use them as a supplement, rather than lean on one resource to heavily.

Some employers mistake each new recruitment resource as the “magic bullet” that will solve all of their hiring challenges. In reality, it takes a customized set of tools used together to meet very specific recruitment initiatives to create an effective employment marketing strategy. While we are learning about today’s innovative solutions, we should not lose sight of the tools that job seekers have come to trust and depend on; namely job postings.

Job postings are still one of the best ways to reach candidates and tell your organization’s employment story.  Not only are they a staple in the recruitment industry, they have evolved to become a dynamic and interactive resource. Many employment sites offer postings that allow you to include videos, photos, social media outlets, maps, and much more to provide candidates with the information they need to not only apply to your open positions, but also learn enough about your organization to decide if they would be the right fit. Once crafted, effective job postings can be used both on employment websites and on your own corporate careers page, allowing you to keep a consistent message to various audiences. So, while it’s important to explore the latest recruitment resources to improve your employment marketing strategy, it is equally as important to continue to use the tools that have proven results.

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