Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | March 29, 2011

Mobile Recruiting: More Than a Mini Careers Page

Theresa Maher, Director of Job Seeker Relations

With more than four billion handsets across the globe, it’s no surprise that more and more candidates are using their mobile devices to search for jobs and information. Mobile recruiting gives savvy employers, like you, the opportunity to take advantage of this on-the-go audience and reach candidates directly, making your employment marketing campaign much more efficient.

Mobile recruiting should begin with your company careers page. This section of your site is truly the hub of most recruiting activities, but many organizations fail to realize their mobile candidate experience is not keeping up with today’s technology. Take a moment to view your corporate careers page on a smart phone. Is it easy to read and navigate? While your corporate career page may be accessible via certain mobile devices, if it isn’t properly optimized, it does little good with this audience. If your idea of mobile optimization is simply a shrunken two-by-two inch version of your current page, you are not providing candidates with an experience that will lead them to the next step of the recruitment process.

When used correctly, mobile recruiting allows you to share information about your company and your open positions with candidates on-the-go, capturing their interest when it’s the strongest. A mobile optimized careers page should be customized, easy-to-use, and offer the information candidates need in a clear, organized format coded specifically for mobile devices. Job seekers should then be able to share your open positions with others in their network, expanding the exposure of your jobs even further. If you’d like to really drive your mobile recruiting strategy, incorporate your mobile link into your employment and corporate advertising to better capture candidate interest.

Great candidates are everywhere, and reaching them means creating an employment marketing strategy that incorporates their preferred method of communication.

For more information on how to optimize your employment brand for mobile, log onto



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