Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | March 30, 2011

PIHRA Foundation Updates: April 2011

PIHRA Foundation and PIHRA Deepening Partnership
Bill Groenekamp, PIHRA Foundation President recently met with Richard Propster, SPHR-CA, PIHRA President and Rafael Rivera, PIHRA Executive Director. The purpose of the meeting was two-fold: a) to review and acknowledge the outstanding support that PIHRA has provided to the PIHRA Foundation, and b) to strategize how the PIHRA Foundation and PIHRA can work even better together to meet the needs of both organizations. Starting with former PIHRA President Jenny Roney, SPHR, the Foundation and PIHRA have seen significantly improved relationships and communications resulting in some terrific “win-win” situations. The PIHRA Foundation is looking to create some “best practices” in order to maintain and enhance its relationship with all PIHRA members and “Friends” of the PIHRA Foundation

Silent Auction 2011
The PIHRA Foundation is already gearing up for its annual Silent Auction which will be held at the PIHRA Conference in Anaheim. John Silver (D4), Silent Auction Chair has already started forming his committee and their first action item is to alert all of the Districts about the very popular Gift Basket donation. John and his committee expect to be communicating with all District Chairs encouraging each of them to start work on a gift basket donation.

District Gift Baskets
At last year’s Silent Auction the Gift Baskets were some of the most popular items and helped raise the most money. Districts were challenged to create a “geographically desirable” themed gift basket with attractions and/or business items unique to their area. The annual Silent Auction is the largest and most successful fund-raiser for the PIHRA Foundation raising well over $10,000 per year.

Annual HR Scholarship Winner
David Kalish from the PIHRA Foundation presents one of it’s annual HR scholarships to Ritche Fabian of Cal State University, Long Beach at the March 17, District 7 meeting. Ritche received $2,000.00 from the Foundation and was one of four recipents.

The Foundation’s Social Media Buzz
The PIHRA Foundation is striving to become much more visible through the use of social media.  Petra Hatzesberger (D3), volunteer Foundation Board member in charge of Branding is inviting all PIHRA members to stay updated on Foundation happenings through the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Lots of volunteer opportunities as well as fund-raising efforts will be regularly publicized through the use of these media outlets.  Petra is putting considerable effort into keeping our re-energized website up-to-date as well.  Visit the Foundation Online to learn much more about how the Foundation meets the needs of many (such as conducting mock interviews) and how you can participate.  We welcome volunteer involvement.


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