Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | June 6, 2011

Rideshare is a Win-Win for Both the Employer and Employees

By Tom Shahaden, Sales Manager, Enterprise Rideshare

Been to the pump lately?  Fuel costs for commuters have become so costly most are looking for alternatives, but it might it might extend beyond a different way to work. In some cases it’s a different place to work.

For long distance commuters (20 or miles one way to work) the average monthly cost of fuel is $300-$400 let alone the wear on their car and quality of life.  Whose responsibility is this you ask?  From an employer’s standpoint it may all fall on the employee, and perhaps rightfully so.  However, many employees feel their employer should ease the cost of commuting, some more vocally than others.

At the end of the day, neither party wins without compromise.  Many employers choose to promote alternative commuting to ease the burden on their employees.  However, there are many additional benefits the employer receives besides good will and increased morale.  Many states regulate large employers which can be costly.  There are also direct benefits for large employers leading the charge to be environmental stewards in the community.

No matter the cause, the ability to hire and retain the best talent is always a challenge.  Providing alternative (and less expensive) commuting options will give employers a leg up on their competition and the ability to retain top talent.

Vanpoolers save 50-75% on their commutes with an all-in cost of about $100 per month plus the luxury of a shared commute in new vehicles.  Compared to driving alone, vanpoolers end up saving $3,000-$5,000 annually which is a direct way for employers to give their employees a long overdue raise.

Although some employers choose to subsidize the vanpool program directly, most choose to provide pre-tax payroll deduction which provides further savings to the employees and employer.

No matter how the program is set up, it’s a win-win for both the employer and employees.  As a no cost benefit, starting a vanpool program at your worksite yields incredible benefits one can’t find anywhere else.

About Enterprise Rideshare:
Enterprise Rideshare is the #1 provider of vanpool services in California.  By specializing in new program implementation, large employers, through Enterprise Rideshare, receive a no-cost benefit through two easy steps: 1) Group Identification and 2) Vanpool Formation Meetings.  The great news is, Enterprise will work directly with Human Resources to identify the right employees and compel them to try vanpooling which will significantly reduce their commuting costs, time, and stress.  To learn more about this free benefit send an email to


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