Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | July 31, 2011

PIHRA Foundations News

In the twenty years since the PIHRA Foundation was started in 1991, it has awarded some seventy-five scholarships to Human Resources students. Further, in cooperation with PIHRA, it has arranged for hundreds of high school classroom “how to find a job” presentations, delivered some 200,000 Pinnacle Award winning “You and Your First Job” booklets”, both locally and in other parts of California and the United States. It authored, had printed, and distributed well over 50,000 copies of its “You and Your Next Job” booklet. The Foundation has also supported the HR Collegiate Games by awarding over $17,000 in scholarships to winning West Coast universities. The PIHRA Foundation, a 501(c)3 public service organization, is financially strong, self-supporting, and it does not rely on PIHRA member dues to carry out its diverse programs. It offers PIHRA members, and others, leadership opportunities in carrying out its Mission of: Human Resource professionals advancing workforce readiness through community service in the greater Los Angeles area. The Foundation is confidently looking ahead to its further contributions to the community in its next twenty years! PIHRA Foundation Board of Director members “guard” the twenty candles burning on the 20th anniversary PIHRA Foundation commemorative birthday cake.



They are, left to right, first row: Ed Johnson, Vice President; Barbara Allen; Bill Groenekamp, President; Jeanette Parr, Treasurer; John Silver; Roger Sommer, Founder. Second row: Richard Propster, PIHRA President; Dan Curtin; Mark Christensen.


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