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The Holiday Season brings three extraordinary gifts to each of us! Thanksgiving gives us the time reflect and count the many blessings in our lives. Author and researcher Dr. Robert Emmons has discovered what gives life meaning: “Gratitude”.

Emmons, a UC Davis professor, backs his claim with 8 years of intense research on gratitude. He found that people who view life as a gift consciously acquires an “attitude of gratitude” will experience multiple advantages. Gratitude improves emotional and physical health, and it can strengthen relationships and communities. Gratitude enriches human life. It elevates, energizes, inspires, and transforms. People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude.

Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa each include elements of giving. These traditional holidays encourage us to become selfless and focus our energy on acts of kindness, giving gifts, thinking of others, and encouraging peace through the world.

Just four weeks after our reflection of blessings at Thanksgiving, we have the opportunity to “act” or “pay forward” that gratitude with selfless acts of service and heartfelt giving.

Research also reveals the healthful benefits of giving. Providing support to a loved one offers benefits to the giver, not just the recipient, a new brain-imaging study by UCLA life scientists reveals.

“When people talk about the ways in which social support is good for our health, they typically assume that the benefits of social support come from the support we receive from others, but it now seems likely that some of the health benefits of social support actually come from the support we provide to others,” said Naomi Eisenberger, a UCLA assistant professor of psychology.

New Year’s without building too much of a theme here, it seems that one phenomenal way for us to prepare to strengthen our mental and physical health in our January 2012 New Year’s resolutions, is to really get in touch and act on the holidays in November and December! These 3 consecutive holidays that make up the holiday season can really be summed up in three excellent verbs: Thank-Give-Act!

You may want to consider applying part of the “Thank-Give-Act” good health remedy for 2012 to the PIHRA Foundation! It is a perfect way to apply “Thanks” for career blessings, to “Give” to the future development of the profession, and to “Act” on your health goals for 2012!

Just in case you are not familiar with the PIHRA Foundation or its activities: The PIHRA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA). The Foundation is a legally separate organization, and is not funded by PIHRA membership dues. The PIHRA Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the HR profession, including academics, practitioners and PIHRA volunteer leaders.

The organization was incorporated in 1991as Human Resource Management Institute (HRMI), as initial plans were for it to offer human resources professional development programs. This plan was scrapped because of tax considerations, and the name was changed in 1994 to PIHRA Foundation. Its mission statement was established as: “To promote the Human Resource profession through research, education and community service, primarily in Southern California.”

In 2009 the PIHRA Foundation Board expanded the new Mission of the Organization to focus on a broad range of business community activities focused on Workforce Readiness support.

Current PIHRA Foundation Mission:
Human Resource professionals advancing workforce readiness through community service in the greater Los Angeles area.

The PIHRA Foundation’s work includes:

You and Your First Job – SHRM Pinnacle Award Winning booklets available both on- line and in print form. The booklet is a guide that contains valuable tips and assistance for high school and early college students preparing to enter the workforce. This book continues to be distributed to many different high schools across the southern California and the US.

Scholarships. The PIHRA Foundation awards annual scholarships and awards for college, HR Certification and Professional Development financial assistance.

Community Involvement – LA Youth At Work, Annual CalSHRM Student Conference/

Competition, High School and University classroom instruction, and always exploring additional opportunities to expand the reach, support and volunteer resources in the greater LA Community.

To fund its programs, the PIHRA Foundation conducts an annual silent auction in conjunction with the PIHRA Conference as well as annual PIHRA district campaigns and special events. The Foundation recognizes the generous support of the PIHRA districts, individuals, corporations and others who make its work possible.

submitted by Jenny Klein

Located front and center of the PIHRA Conference Exposition Hall, lots of people came to bid on exciting donated items at this year’s PIHRA Foundation Silent Auction. At the countdown, people competed to get their last bid in. The 2011 PIHRA Foundation Silent Auction and Raffle generated close to $13,700 gross, exceeding last year amount by over $2,000. THANK YOU TO ALL THE BIDDERS AND THE DONORS!!!

The PIHRA Districts’ Baskets were awesome! Thanks to all of you for your creative ideas and continued support! Special thanks to PIHRA for the booth and donations too!

The PIHRA Foundation would like to recognize some of the donors as we are so appreciative of every item contributed. Please see the PIHRA Foundation website to see more. Thank you to REM Eyewear, Valley College, Winston & Straw, Bradford Portraits, Rowley Portraits, Affordable Vacations Option, Sharon Gerber, Merle Norman Cosmetics, CRIW, CSI, Loyola Marymount University, UCLA, Mattel, Hula Daddy Kona Coffee, Atkinson Andelson Loya Puud &Romo, ITT Technical Institute, Citizen Watch Company, Allen Associates, Mike Arlen, Jenny Klein, Bill Groenekamp & Associates, Amanda Sommerfeld, CCL Tube, Aquarium of the Pacific, LBW Insurance, Sybil Belton-Braggs, Paul Falcone, Natural History Museum, Paula Cohn, Mike Deblieux, Sea World, Charles Abbot Associates, Santa Anita Park, Hallmark Collectives, Donna Schilder, Michele Higuera, MetaForce Agents, just to name a few. The PIHRA Foundation welcomes your 2012 Silent Auction Participation!

Can you participate? Be part of something really BIG!

Your financial support is vital to ensure that the PIHRA Foundation can continue this important work. Donate today!



  1. Very well written article which does a good job of describing the PIHRA Foundation. It also does a good job of stressing the need of giving, especially in this holiday period. Thanks to PIHRA members for their contributions to make the important activities of the Foundation possible. Thank you also for making the Silent Auction a success.

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