Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | January 3, 2012

January President’s Message

As we enter a New Year, stronger for our past efforts yet more aware than ever of the need for additional services, I am torn between a “thank you” message and a plea for more active participation by the membership.  I still haven’t decided!

  • We value those who have chosen PIHRA® Membership, but remain challenged by those who have not yet joined
  • We take pride in the opportunities we offer those who do participate, but constantly seek to identify new possibilities for those less active
  • We are grateful for our current supporters, but endeavor to identify future income opportunities

PIHRA is different than other groups and organizations that provide services to the HR community.  The essence of that difference is member-centricity.  This imperative requires continually looking ahead of our accomplishments.

PIHRA provides affordable opportunities to HR professionals who choose to participate, encouraging that participation by providing information members need via the methods they desire.  In 2012, we will continue to leverage technology to provide additional services as well as to enhance two-way communication.

I am deeply appreciative of the several thousand hours our members devoted to augmenting their professional competence yet keenly aware that even more can be accomplished in 2012.  PIHRA is the place where HR professionals want to be, not only because of the opportunities provided, but also because every employee, volunteer and leader has a desire to be there themselves.

So I say thank you very much for your 2011 participation and contributions and let’s get a move on to collectively make 2012 an even better member experience!

Richard Propster, SPHR-CA
2011-2012 PIHRA® President


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