Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | March 13, 2012

Team PIHRA Continues EIF/Revlon Run/Walk Tradition

Team PIHRA Continues EIF/Revlon Run/Walk Tradition

by Lynn Gleim
Team PIHRA Captain

Join Team PIHRA on Saturday, May 12, 2012 for a walk around and through the neighborhoods of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in the EIF/Revlon Run/Walk for Women 2012.

This is a special event for PIHRA members. It brings HR Professionals, their friends, and their families together for a few hours each year to give something back to the community and support an important cause – the fight against women’s cancer. Few among us have escaped the experience of a loved one, a friend, or a colleague battling this disease. Joining and supporting Team PIHRA is an opportunity to help find a cure, a more effective treatment, and a little more hope.

Team PIHRA started back in 2002 with a hearty group of PIHRA Board members led by Cheryl Wyrick. The group wanted to get to know each other a little bit better. They wanted to meet PIHRA members they did not know in an environment outside of a typical District meeting. They chose the EIF/Revlon Run/Walk because it had the potential to have a positive impact on lives of so many PIHRA members and their families. The downtown location was centrally located for most PIHRA members. Over the years, through contributions small and large Team PIHRA has raised $112, 099.81 to help fund the cure through research.

This year Team PIHRA has set an ambitious goal to have more than 100 members participate in the walk and raise more than $10,000. Fisher and Phillips and Hub International have already signed on to help support the team with shirts, hats, and other supplies.

Now we need you to be one of those 100 PIHRA members to sign up for the walk and start collecting supporters to contribute to our $10,000 goal. First, save the morning of Saturday, May 12 on your calendar. Then click here to go to the Team PIHRA page to sign up. After that, call some of your PIHRA colleagues, your family, friends and neighbors to walk with you or support you through donations. No donation is too small. We encourage every walker to set a personal goal of at least $100 in support donations.

Here is how it all works. You start your day by arriving at the Coliseum around 7:00 AM. Yes it is early, but it is usually a beautiful morning. You park your car and walk into the Coliseum. You look for the PIHRA sign – usually half way up on the west end. You bring some brownies, some cookies, or trail mix to share. You get your team shirt (and other surprises yet to be announced). You get to know a few people, and get ready for a leisurely walk through the streets of LA with some 60,000 plus of your Southern California neighbors. You have a great time seeing the sights and sounds of the Coliseum and the USC campus. You end up passing by the always great Samoan drummers as you near the end of your walk. You walk through the football tunnel to gather your Olympic style medal on the floor of the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. You spend a little more time with your PIHRA Pals before heading off for lunch together or driving back home.

Honestly, what more could you ask for in the way of a great Saturday? If you did not click in the last paragraph, click here to join us. We are looking forward to seeing you there.


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