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Professional Development Returns to California

Professional Development Returns to California
by Jay R. Schuster, Ph.D. and Patricia K. Zingheim, Ph.D.
Schuster-Zingheim and Associates, Inc.

Why do professionals in any field associate themselves with their not-for-profit professional associations? Reasons include keeping current with developments, changes, new ideas, and legal issues and continuing education and career development. Professional associations also provide us with the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from others and learn about trends, challenges, and opportunities in our field. Professional associations are important to professional development and a mainstay in our professional lives.

Until about a decade ago, American Compensation Association (re-named WorldatWork) had not only a national conference but also regional conferences in the West, East and Midwest. These conferences, operated by the officers of regional American Compensation Association organizations, focused on not only what’s new and what matters of our field but also issues that often differed from region to region, giving the conferences a relevance that added to the national/global conference.
In California, the largest SHRM affiliate chapter, PIHRA (Professionals In Human Resources Association), in collaboration with WorldatWork have added a Compensation and Benefits Track to its Annual Conference in Anaheim on August 27 – 29 (Link). In addition, NCHRA (Northern California Human Resources Association) has a Total Rewards Conference in South San Francisco on September 13. Both conferences are worth the attention of total reward professionals as a supplement to WorldatWork’s professional development opportunities.

Why are we telling you this? Local SHRM affiliates are in nearly every “nook and cranny” of the United States. They provide professional development and have not been fully utilized by total reward professionals. Many do not provide the total reward training, development, and conference educational opportunities they could. Affiliates also appeal more to HR generalists, but there is no reason the “magic” of the total reward profession can’t rub off on these important potential sources of training and development. Our point is that these local SHRM affiliates already provide extensive information on local challenges from legal and legislative issues to industry issues relevant to HR professionals in the area. We encourage you to contact your local SHRM chapter, and we believe you will find them receptive and open to including more total rewards programs that will make them attractive to you and give you and others the opportunity to network and learn from people who can add value to your career while you add value to theirs.

Tuesday, August 28
11:15am – 12:30pm
How to Really Pay for Performance: Linking Performance Review to Compensation
See the video



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