Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | August 7, 2012

August: National Breastfeeding Month

August: National Breastfeeding Month
By Genevieve Colvin, Program Coordinator

PIHRA has partnered with Breastfeed LA to bring FREE education, resources and technical assistance to its members to better support employed mothers to breastfeeding.  Human Resource professionals can make a significant impact on the health of our communities by implementing worksite lactation accommodation programs and policies today!

The US Surgeon General issued a “Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding” in 2010, stating, “Everyone can help make breastfeeding easier!’  Four of the 20 action steps are directed at how employers play a critical role in supporting a mother’s decision to breastfeed.  Many employers want to support employed mothers in their choice to breastfeed, but often are unsure of what is required.  According to the SHRM 2010 report on Employee Benefits,  only 28% of employers offered lactation accommodations and only 4% offered additional lactation services.

According to a report by consulting group Hewitt Associates, total healthcare premiums per employee at a large organization will be $9,821 in 2011 or more than double what they were in 2001. Mutual of Omaha found that healthcare costs were 2.7 times less for babies whose mothers’ breastfeed. As healthcare premiums continue to rise, companies that don’t implement lactation accommodation policies or programs are missing an opportunity to positively impact health care costs, absenteeism, retention, and morale.

The American Academy of Pediatrics affirmed their support of breastfeeding in their 2012 statement, “Given the documented short  term and long term medical  and neuro developmental advantages of breastfeeding, infant nutrition should be considered a public health issue and not only a lifestyle choice.” With every major health care institution recommending mothers to breastfeed, how can the HR professional better support employed mothers to breastfeed and save money at the same time?

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