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Legislative Affairs Committee – Mock Election Results

Legislative Affairs Committee – PIHRA® 2012 Conference & Exposition
Mock Election Results

Each year, PIHRA’s Legislative Affairs Committee holds a mock election at its booth at the PIHRA® Conference & Exposition.  This year, 156 people who stopped by our booth took the time to vote in the election.  We thought you might want to see the results:

United States President
Barack Obama – 63 votes
Mitt Romney – 83 votes

Proposition 32:  Prohibits Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction
Yes – 82
No – 50

Mandatory Approval by Department of Insurance of Health Insurer Rate Changes
Yes – 57
No – 67

Proposition 30:  Temporary Tax Increase to Fund Education (Brown) (Increases income tax on earnings over $250,000 by .5 or 1.0% for 7 years & increases sales & use tax by ¼ cent for 4 years)
Yes – 49
No – 91

Proposition 38:  State Income Tax Increase to Support Public Education (Munger) (Increases income tax rates on earnings over $7,316 on a sliding scale from .4% (lowest income) to 2.2% (income over $2.5 million) for 12 years)
Yes – 30
No – 106

Health Care:  Have you started planning for the pay or play penalties in 2014?
Yes – 96
No – 48

Health Care:  Does your employer intend to maintain health coverage in 2014?
Yes – 122
No – 18

Members of the Legislative Affairs Committee want to thank everyone who visited our booth at the PIHRA® Conference & Exposition, introduced yourself, voted in the election, and picked up some information about pending California legislation and health care reform updates.

If you have any questions about the legislation or the work of the Legislative Affairs Committee, please contact the Legislative Affairs Chair of your district or e-mail us at



  1. Very interesting. Could you please look up and post what the results were in 2008, (“turnout” and ballot count) just so we can compare?

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