Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | October 2, 2012

October President’s Message

October President’s Message
Richard Propster, SPHR-CA

October is widely recognized as Diversity Month — an opportunity for each of us to gain a greater appreciation for the diversity of cultures, backgrounds and life experiences of those around us.

From its birth, the United States of America has been a nation of immigrants striving for equality.  No other nation can boast of such a diverse population.  Indeed, it is our embracing of diversity and the contributions of those of every generation, race, culture and religion that will sustain our nation’s strength into the future. Honest dialogue nurtures an appreciation not only for the differences that separate us, but, more importantly, for the similarities that unite us.

Americans share a bond stronger than any geographic, demographic, ethnic or cultural loyalty. We may look different, speak differently and practice different customs, but they all have something valuable to contribute and seek to do so.

As you go through this month, please take time to note the role diversity plays in your daily life. I encourage you to create for yourselves and those around you a culture in which diversity is celebrated and appreciated.

While America continues to face challenges in achieving our diversity goals,  PIHRA® stands as both a contributor to and beneficiary of the richness of the diversity of our membership and must continue to model the conviction that each one of us must strive to be an asset to the common good.


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