Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | May 8, 2013

May President’s Message

May President’s Message

I took a recent trip representing PIHRA at the CalSHRM Legislative Conference and attended the two day conference that was full of great information on how we, as Human Resource Professionals, can affect advocacy at the State Capitol. We had a large contingent that actually visited the Capitol and represented us well. Our CalSHRM State Director, Deb Horne, SPHR testified in front of a Senate Committee concerning a bill that CalSHRM supported (California Workplace Flexibility Act (SB 607).  Even though we did not get the result we wanted, at least they know we are active in the advocacy effort. I would recommend everyone to take advantage of those opportunities to represent the Human Resource profession.

This month I would like to talk about California HR Conference® by the Professional In Human Resources Association. The event will be held on Monday, August 26 through Wednesday, August 28. We have a fantastic lineup of keynote speakers and concurrent sessions available. For those of you seeking recertification credits, there will be ample opportunity to get those certification credits. One important item I want to mention is that we will have a robust International Track for those HR Professionals who work for Global companies. A big thank you goes out to Dennis Buster, SPHR-CA, our Vice President of Education and those who have assisted. I am really excited for this Track and the great wealth of information that will be provided. We will also be doing Bosses day again, where you can bring your Boss to see why PIHRA and the HR profession can play a vital role in their organizations. This will be my 24th consecutive year attend this great conference and I can honestly say that I am a better HR Professional than I was before I attended. I learned if I planned well, went into the conference prepared and wanting to learn, I met my goals and objectives. The conference website is The early bird registrations ends on May 31, 2013, so do not delay and I hope to see everyone at the conference. Thank you.

Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 PIHRA Volunteer President


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