Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | July 10, 2013

June President’s Message

June President’s Message

Schools are getting out for the summer and everyone is getting ready for vacations. I hope all of you are doing something fun this summer. Another plug for this year’s California HR Conference, August 26-28, 2013. Even though the early bird fee has passed, you should make every attempt to attend this year’s conference. Only if you can attend one day or two days, it is well worth your time. As I mentioned before we have great keynote speakers and many robust Concurrent Sessions. Also the Certification credits are in abundance. Please introduce yourself and have a great time networking with your fellow HR professionals.

What I want to talk about this month is some of the great benefits you receive as a PIHRA. For the $125 annual membership fee, the benefits are endless. The Member Only Section on the website goes into greater detail, so I will mention only a few. The LawRoom gives you many HR related helps, such as forms, hotline and various other helpful tools to any HR Professional. Webinars are once a month (this months one is on Friday, June 14) on hot HR topics. My personal favorite is the Listserv. The Listserv is one of the most valuable tools that PIHRA offers. You can ask questions, advice or sometimes HR professionals give each other a pat on the back. Any time I have asked a question or looked for advice, I have received numerous responses to help me in my career. I want to thank those that are actively involved (you know who you are) for your great contributions to the HR Profession. For those that have not signed up, go to the Members Only area of the website and sign up now. You will not regret it. My suggestion to all of you is to explore the website and see all of the great benefits you deserve to benefit from. If you have questions about the benefits you have, you can contact our Membership Manager, Christy Coe at Have a great month.

Wayne L Munyer, PHR
2013-14 PIHRA Volunteer President


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