Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | December 16, 2013

Meet 2014 PIHRA Board of Directors

President Wayne Munyer PHR
President Elect Marilyn Monahan Esq.
Past President Richard Propster SPHR-CA
VP – Education Dennis Buster SPHR-CA
VP – Finance Ray Cooke PHR
VP – Membership Andrea Moroso
Secretary Lynn Hounsley
VP – Leadership Dorothy Cociu
VP – Emerging Affairs Stacey Brooks-Clark PHR
VP – Legislative Affairs
Los Angeles Chair Tamara Devitt Esq.
Pasadena Chair Paola Alvarez SPHR-CA
Burbank/Glendale Chair Kara Scamardo PHR
West Los Angeles Chair Mark Dang
South Bay Chair Cari Kojima SPHR
Long Beach Chair Janet Vreeland
North Orange County Chair Brenda Roth SPHR
Woodland Hills Chair Rudi Weinberg
Ventura County Chair Jeanne Mays
Riverside Chair Darlene Cohen SPHR
Santa Clarita Chair Beverly Malin SPHR
South Orange County Chair John White
Inland Valley Chair Sharonda White SPHR-CA
Southwest Riverside Chair Morgana Burrows PHR
Coachella Valley
Antelope Valley Chair Patti Sprinkle

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