Posted by: Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) | February 12, 2014

February President’s Message

February President’s Message
by Wayne L. by Munyer, PHR, 2013-14 Volunteer President

We had one of the most successful Legal Updates in a long time. Our 3 locations were bursting at the seams: 320 in Garden Grove, 204 in Ontario, and 414 in Burbank. A big thank you goes out to our presenters, our PIHRA Staff and its volunteers and you for attending this great event. We hope you had a lot of information to use immediately in your workplaces. I know I did.

February is known for Valentine’s Day and we share with the people we care about the most. The word you here most mentioned this time of year is “Love”. I would like to look at in relationship to our careers. A lot of us have been in the Human Resource profession for a long time. In my 25 plus years I have had my ups and downs, but one thing I have always had is a love for this great profession. If you do not have it right now, find something that will re-energize you and bring that passion or love back to your career. We can make a huge difference in our organizations. If we just put all of our passion into action. How great do you feel when have done something in your organization to make a difference? As I mentioned before when I may transition to a new job, I was hoping that the efforts I made at my company made a difference. Sometimes you do not know if you made a difference until you leave. There is a quote I found that really motivated me to make changes in my career. It was from Denis Waitley, an author and motivational speaker: “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Which one will you choose? Let’s make a difference!!

Have a great month!!!

Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer President


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