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PIHRA Foundation & California Placement Association (CPA) enrich So Cal Workforce Readiness Initiatives

PIHRA Foundation & California Placement Association (CPA) enrich So Cal Workforce Readiness Initiatives
by Janet Asher Vreeland, CEBS
PIHRA Foundation Board of Directors

The PIHRA Foundation Mission is to serve as Human Resource professionals advancing workforce readiness through community service in the greater Los Angeles area.  In living our mission, the PIHRA Foundation will from time to time collaborate with like-minded organizations in a variety of ways.  One such organization is the California Placement Association (CPA).

John Silver (pictured) connects the PIHRA Foundation and the CPA as a volunteer leader on both organizations’ Board of Directors.  John is the 2014 PIHRA Foundation Vice President and is the 2013 – 2014 CPA Executive Board Central Vice President.

What is the CPA all about?

The mission of the California Placement Association (CPA) is to be a supportive leader in the enrichment and education to placement professionals. CPA assists with the advancement of comprehensive, high quality placement programs throughout California.

CPA promotes collaboration and develops relationships to meet the dynamic recruiting and placement needs of public and private sector businesses and educational institutions, while serving as a liaison with government agencies.
CPA Vision

Strengthen the linkage between business, education and government.
Enhance the quality and excellence of placement services.
Identify and respond to changing needs, trends, and hiring practices in relationship to the changing demographics of the work force.
Generate new ways of expanding the development of employment opportunities and fulfilling employer/student/ client needs.
Provide professional training to aid business, education and government in assisting students/clients to successfully make a transition to the world of work

California Placement Association, a non-profit organization established in 1969.

Thanks to John, PIHRA Foundation Board member Brenda Trujillo will represent the Foundation as a speaker on an employer panel at the CPA Conference for Professional Development March 7th.
CPA Conference Presentation:
Moderator, Employer Panel

“Overcoming Barriers in the Job Search & Hiring Process”

Jackie Kennedy Harris will moderate one of the most popular events at the CPA conference: The Employer Panel. As a recruiter for Enterprise, Jackie covers a large section of California, visiting community colleges and four- year universities in hopes of hiring the very best candidates for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The Employer Panel, made up of a variety of employers and recruiters, will give attendees insights into the policies, procedures and attitudes of employers. Be sure and ask the questions you really want answered about the hiring process. What do the employers look for in an employee? How can we best help someone with a barrier get hired? How can someone with no work experience get an interview? Is there any way to bypass the personality profile tests? Get your questions answered by the experts!

For more information about the conference including registration visit:

Additional information about the PIHRA Foundation and the communities we serve is available through the following resources:




PIHRA Foundation supports workforce readiness in Southern California including support for education through programs such as “You and Your First Job” and human resources scholarships. The PIHRA Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation serving Southern California communities.  The PIHRA Foundation was established in partnership with the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA).


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